Diocesan Choral Competition and singing festival

Kituntu: 02.09.2018. Ministry of the church in a globalised world: Under this motto, the diocesan choral competition and festival took place in Kituntu parish this year. Coordinated under the youth department, it brought together fifteen choirs from eight church districts of KAD. All choirs exhibited their passion of music through their performances. International and renowned local jurors and choral experts evaluated the vocal performances of each choir and Omurushaka choir scored the highest. Hon. Bishop Dr Benson Bagonza was a guest of honor, and Helena Andersson Bromander, a music expert from Stifstisgarden, Sweden was part of the juror’s panel as an external observer.
The competition was preceded by a short service, and after lunch all choirs appeared in their best outfits ready for the competition. Prizes were given for groups that demonstrated outstanding performance and presentation.
All choirs apart from the set song had one composed song about mission of the church in a globalised world. The message from all choirs was that, globalization presents Christians with a rare opportunity to think afresh how we steward the gospel in light of complex global realities, as well as how we encounter the challenges brought by globalization to the church.
Helena Bromander, a music expert working with Church of Sweden, was amazed with awesome voices that were strong and energetic from all choirs. She said that choirs in Sweden have a lot to learn from the choirs in KAD.
Bishop. Dr Benson Bagonza when addressing the audience said that we have been preparing singing festivals for all groups such as men, women and youth. But we have left behind the important group of children. Hence he advised the youth department to prepare a children’s singing festival.
Ev. Axsa Gabagambi, the news publisher, did not attend the festival for covering news on that day, she was there as a coordinator of youth department and chief organizer of the marvelous event.
The end of harvesting season also marks the end of choir festivals in KAD. Everyone is looking forward for the next season of the year 2019.
“Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise!” Psalm 66. 1 – 2
Text: Ev. Axsa Gabagambi