Menís Ministry: The Singing Festival in Ihembe

Ihembe: 26.08.2018. As a continuation of the initiative by the Program of Sunday School, Women and Stewardship to bring men back to church, the program works in five Church Districts of Mabira, Kyerwa, Murongo, Bweranyange and Ihembe. This festival brings together men from church districts of Ihembe and Bweranyange. The theme of this festival was Menís Ministry. Menís ministry is a church culture that is intentional about reaching men, discipline them, and calling them to serve.

If you reach a man, you can reach his family. Statistics verify that a man is a key to reaching the family. Having more men in church isn't solely a question of balancing gender ratios, Bishop Bagonza said that families are best reached when a man is brought into church participation, making the matter a key component of evangelism.

Bishop Bagonza added that enabling men to be accountable for their spiritual lives to each other is another way to boost participation, he said this involves creating opportunities for men to find a friend with whom they share their concerns and struggles in faith, and who hold each other accountable in their faith experience.

Through songs and dance, men reminded each other that they are slowly losing their obligation confided in them by God; they are now a symbol violence, corruption and unfaithfulness. Itís important that they help each other in shaping their faith and discuss about their vital obligations to the church.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi