O Sing Unto the Lord: It’s a Cantate Domino Season in KAD

LUKAJANGE: 15TH July 2018. It’s another season of Cantate Domino in the calendar of KAD. Choral competitions begin at the district level where two winners from each district will represent their district in the Diocesan Choir Competition that will take place this year on 2nd September 2018, in Kituntu district. This choir competition has become one of the most important and most beautiful choral events in KAD by now.

Lukajange District finalized their competition on Sunday 15th July. Kayanga and Omurushaka choirs having achieved the absolute victory
will represent their district on the finals. Kayanga being the overall winner performed again causing a standing enthusiastic response of the audience.

The theme of Cantate Domino this year is based on Mission of the church in the globalizing world. Choirs are expected apart from the
set song to compose a song on the churches response to the impact of globalization on vital, social, cultural, personal and religious values.

In his remarks after the competition, Bishop Bagonza compared globalization with the market and that its upon a church on what it
will bring to the market. He added that singing is very powerful and is a weapon that can unlock doors, close doors, break chains, bring healing and deliverance, and cause the enemy to back up. “Apartheid was weakened by songs, and all dictators in the world are
scared of artists, we are singing knowing that it is a weapon” he said.

The festival was blessed with international guests, from the partner District of Leverkusen, Germany. Rev. Anne Becker delivered a sermon and brought greetings from Leverkusen. In her sermon from Philippians
2, 1-4, she insisted on Christ’s example of humility by not looking only on one’s own interest, but the interest of others as well. She explained the importance of encouragement that is accompanied by love among Christians. “In humility, let us try to live in the way Paul asks us to do, and let us pray to the Lord for his assistance and guidance”. She said

Choir Competition in Lukajange ended in a cheerful and festive
atmosphere with the awards being provided to the winners.

Everyone is looking forward on the upcoming final competition, which will be coordinated under youth department this year. Your publisher
Axsa Gabagambi as a coordinator for youth department is there to ensure that the finals be lit. You are all invited.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi