LMC Delegates Visit KAD

KAD: 7 June 2018. For two days KAD hosted four delegates from Lutheran Mission Cooperation (LMC) head quarters, Arusha Tanzania. The aim of the visit was to see in person the ongoing mission work and projects of Karagwe diocese as members of LMC.

They had an overview of the structure of the diocese from the General Secretary Rev. Anicet Maganya, at the headquarters of the diocese before visiting the site at Karagwe University College (KARUCO). Delegates discussed with management members on challenges that are facing the population of Karagwe and it was clear that the “shrinking space” for economic liberalization is threatening the livelihood of the people, while unfavorable education policies are threatening private education institutions.

The secretary of LMC Mrs. Cornelia Killian said that it was a nice opportunity for her to visit KAD for the first time and that visitation is important in order to understand well the needs and priorities of partners.

LMC is a joint instrument of coordination and cooperation between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania and her partners from Europe and America. 25 ELCT Dioceses, ELCT Common Work, 13 Churches and mission organizations from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the USA have formed the Lutheran Mission Cooperation to coordinate their working together in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, in Tanzania but also in the northern countries (LMC Web).

Text: Axsa Gabagambi