New Pastor Ordained in Karagwe Diocese

General Secretary of KAD(infront on the left) followed by Dean Rwankomezi of NWD, Bp. Dr. Benson Bagonza, Rev. Beatus Saulo(the ordained) and Dean Yoram Karusya of KAD
Kyerwa: Karagwe Diocese (KAD) ordained a new pastor namely Rev. Beatus Akanganyila Saulo on the 11th of March, 2018. Hundreds of people gathered from different areas within and out of Karagwe to witness the ordination service. Rev. Beatus was born on 10th March, 1986 in Kwimba District of Mwanza Region. He was baptized on 22nd June 1986 in Katale congregation of Katale Parish of North Western Diocese (NWD
). He therefore shares something common with Karagwe Diocese and North Western Diocese. He was baptized in the NWD but ordained in KAD. Among the guests who attended the ordination service was the Assistant to the Bishop of NWD, the District Commissioner of Kyerwa, and Congregants of Katale from NWD,Sisters from the Catholic Church Diocese of Kayanga,Fr. Valentine from the Catholic Church diocese of Rulenge/Ngara, representatives from partnership Dioceses from Mwanga, Pare, East of Lake Victoria and Meru. Beatus is currently a student at Makumira University perusing his Masters Degree of Theology in Missiology. The ordination service was led by Hon. Dr. Bishop Bagonza
with the help of other pastors of KAD, NWD, Mwanga and Pare.

During his short sermon, Bishop Bagonza mentioned that God uses the weak to carry out His work. He used an example of King David who once fell into great sin, despite the fact that he was King.
This teaches us that sin does not fear someone’s greatness or fame. David realized that his greatness and fame are vanity. He faced Prophet Nathan, repented and wept bitterly. He did not repent to please the prophet, but rather make his own affairs with God, and God forgave him. Because of repentance, God
continued to use King David with great glory. Bishop urged Beatus to learn from King David, there are times that he may fall, but he should seek for God’s mercy. “Seek the face of God to sanctify you so that you can stand firm and do his work “said the Bishop. He also mentioned that leadership requires making wise decisions because once a leader fails, his leadership will be a burden to himself and to those he
leads. “May God give you wisdom in your service and be willing to serve at the right time and in the wrong time”, concluded the Bishop.

Rev. Beatus was so grateful as he thanked God for the wonderful day that he will always remember, but also
everyone who came by to join him during the ordination service. He said that
it is by God’s Grace, that he has been called to do the work of the Lord.
Fr. Valentine from the Catholic Church, Rulenge Diocese, blessed him and prayed for him a special prayer.
The number of current pastors of KAD has
now risen to 79. Bishop Bagonza reminded people
to pray for the coming two ordinations that will also be held this month.
Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza (on the left), Beatus Saulo (middle), Dean Yoram Karusya(on the right)

Text: Linda Mambo