Pastors with Their Spouses Gather at Karagwe University College

Kishoju: Pastors of Karagwe Diocese and their spouses gathered at Karagwe University College in Kishoju for a council which was held from the 22nd to the 24th of January, 2018. The pastorís council that aimed at enhancing spiritual and physical care as well as the strengthening relationships in various parts of the Diocese. However, at the opening of the council, Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza emphasized on applying principles of Jesus Christ at work, just as the apostle
Paul wrote to the first Corinthians in chapter 3: 1-15 .He added that at work, it is good to recognize, respect, support and to encourage one another.

Different topics
were discussed including the role of spouses in parishes and education about people living with albinism. As they used a group discussion approach, each
of the participants was free to share his/ her idea on the topic at hand.
Rev. Dr. Brighton Katabaro on the left, Rev. Anicet Maganya on the right

24th in the evening,
the council was closed by a short thanks giving mass that was led by the Bishop with
assistance of other pastors.

Text: Linda Mambo