KAD:7th January 2018. Every Epiphany season, KAD finds one more reason to celebrate; 39 years ago, on 7th January 1979, God manifested himself to the people of KAD, the diocese was born amidst the Kagera war. The first bishop of Karagwe Diocese the late Bishop Paul Mukuta, was consecrated on this day. Its 39 years of bringing the gospel closer to the people. The special service was conducted at Nyakashenyi parish which is termed as “Jerusalem” of KAD, a place where the gospel started before spreading to other parts of the diocese. The service was graced by Hon. Bishop Dr Benson Bagonza, Dean Yoram Karusya, Rev. Anicet Maganya and Rev. Sunday Kanwakaita.

The sermon was from Luke 20: 1-8, where religious leaders were desperate to discredit Jesus and challenge his authority. They didn’t accept the baptism of repentance preached by John, neither that of Jesus Christ “Instead of receiving the good news, this group is concerned with power and authority, they believe that nothing good or authority that can come outside of Jerusalem, as a result, other people were saved, but this group remained, other nations raised, but Jerusalem is still in turmoil” said Bishop Bagonza.

People were reminded the importance of baptismal commitments and the
need to respect them. “Our baptism is the way to our identification as Christians”. They were reminded to be renewed by the baptism of repentance.
Special prayers were conducted for all pastors by their names, all partners of KAD by their names, all deaconesses and all institutions
of KAD.
When celebrating 39 years of KAD, we commemorate the thick and thin that the diocese have gone through, and we find a reason to thank God.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi