Reformation Sunday and KARUCO Inauguration.

KAD: October 29, 2017 KAD joined with all Lutheran churches around the world to celebrate a Reformation Sunday. Despite celebrating 500 years of reformation, KAD had something extra to celebrate, inauguration of Karagwe University College after the completion of the first phase. The colorful event was attended by over 2000 people joined by Diocesan leadership, partners of KAD from all over the world, representatives from different dioceses, representatives from different denominations and government officials, where the former president, Hon. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was the guest of honor.

The inauguration event was preceded by a service that was graced by Bishop. Dr Benson Bagonza who delivered a strong message of reformation that even after 500 years of reformation, people are still
buying their salvation. He condemned the gospels of prosperity which hold that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for the people; hence their offerings will increase one's material wealth and miracles. “Miracles have price tags, faith has price tags, we KAD, join the Lutheran world federation to insist that salvation is not for sale, human beings are not for
sale, and creation is not for sale”. He said.

Speeches by distinguished guests continued after the service and inauguration act( ETI, UEM, Church of Sweden, Vesteras, Danmission, Northwestern Diocese on behalf of archbishop Fredrick Shoo, Karagwe
Member of Parliaments, District commissioner , Regional Commissioner, ELCT-ELVD, ELCT-Mara Diocese, Butare Diocese, Church of Westphalia, Nienstedten-Hmburg, Lubbecke, EKHN, NWPA Synod, ELCA, VC TUMA) They all gave their warm and encouraging words about KARUCO and
how it will benefit not only Tanzania, but the whole region of East Africa.
In his speech note, Hon. J.M. Kikwete, spoke about his high hope towards KARUCO as the second agricultural college in Tanzania. He
added that combining environmental studies and agriculture is a perfect combo as they depend on and affect each other.

Explaining the importance of KARUCO to Karagwe, Bishop B. Bagonza explained how KARUCO will be a pull factor towards development of other sectors such as healthy, communication, availability of social
services and business growth.

During the celebrations, people enjoyed special attractions such as performance by IMUKA singers, CBCA choir from Congo, Rugu traditional
dancers group, Ufunuo Choir, and Kayanga Womens Choir.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi