Inauguration of Bweranyange Lubbecke- Hostel

KARUCO:27/10/2017.Pre-celebrations of KARUCO inauguration began on 27 October 2017. And it began by opening the newly constructed Bweranyange-Lubbecke hostel. A delegation of three people from district Lubbecke Andrea Schaffer, Hannelore Nerger, and Claudia Felber joined with the KAD team to open the girl’s hostel. This is a joint project between the church district of Bweranyange and Lubbecke partners.

“Through all challenges we have gathered here to celebrate the completion of this project, we pick church district Lubbecke as pilots, who were the first to believe into the impossible. It takes
courage, faith and leadership to be able to jump in as a pioneer in such kind of a project” said Bishop Benson Bagonza in his thanking speech to the partners.

Bweranyange church district pastor, Rev. Jackson Kanyiginya added that it was not easy to convince partners, where most of them were skeptical of the idea; few believed in it and fueled it. He extended
his heartfelt thanks to the diocese and partners, as this project will provide opportunity to younger girl’s access to better accommodation but also will act as an income generating source for Bweranyange District.

Anyone could read the expression of joy and excitement on Andrea Schaffer’s face, representing church district Lubbecke she explained how everyone doubted this project, she added that with this project, they feel closer to Martin Luther. On behalf of the Lubbbecke district pastor, she delivered his congratulations message to KAD, where he insisted that on celebrating 500 years, it is important to look again
on our own roots and see what it means to be a protestant. He added that the hostel project is a symbol of Christian love, where young people will learn on climate change, food production will increase and this is the kind of faith that Martin Luther
preached. The kind of faith that is not abstract.

This Hostel will be able to carry more than 100 students, and the diocese recognizes the invaluable support of Lubbecke partners for this project. Doors are still open for more investment in KARUCO, as
the journey has just begun. Indeed this far, by faith and grace.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi