Diocesan Women’s Singing Festival

MABIRA:The diocesan women singing festival was held on 10th September 2017, in Mabira. The voices of 14 choirs from 8 church districts filled the air. After every two years, the diocese celebrates the continuing tradition of the power and beauty of women’s voices and ministry raised in songs. Amidst severe rain and cold weather that changed the atmosphere few hours before the concert, women decided to sing in the rain than cancelling the festival.

During the concert, Hon. Bishop Dr Benson Bagonza, reminded women that
they are holding a key to a peaceful society. He added that women do hold a significant role from carrying a baby in their womb up to nurturing them until they develop character. Women can up bring both good and evil, at this time when Tanzania is facing acts of violence to different people as a result of dirty politics, women have a duty and responsibility from God to promote peace by starting from their families.
The theme of the festival was reformation, and thanks to the department
of Women under Rev. Elieth Kiiza for coordinating the event. At the end of the festival, Kayanga women’s choir was announced a winner, followed by Ngara women’s choir and Lukajange as the first and second run-up.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi