Are You Invited? The Road Towards Opening of KARUCO

KAD.18th August 2017. Its official! Karagwe University College (KARUCO) is opening on 29th October 2017. The big ceremony will mark the end of celebrating 500 years of the church reformation as well. Invitation letters have been sent and others are still underway. The preparation committee will first meet on Tuesday 22nd August 2017. Everyone is excited to witness the upcoming big day!

The site is busy, constructors struggling to finish the few remaining activities on time. The atmosphere at the site smells delight. KARUCO is being born, and will be nurtured in Karagwe; it will benefit
Karagwe strongly as the years progress. Everyone is delighted to receive this heaven-sent gift.

Despite economic difficulties, that are an anthem to all Tanzanians,
all diocesan members are struggling to ensure that the university is at its best on the opening day.
Itís the hope of KAD that the inauguration ceremonies will be another opportunity for each of the guests to further develop close ties with KARUCO that will stimulate development and innovation in Karagwe. The
university will be the incubator for agribusiness that spurs economic and social transformation for students as well as the Karagwe District
More updates will be regularly posted on our website. Stay tuned.
Keep your best outfit for the day! Reserve the energy! Karuco is

Text: Axsa Gabagambi