Inauguration Ceremonies Towards 500 years of Reformation

KAD:06th August 2017. Towards celebrating 500 years of reformation on 29th October 2017, which will be accompanied by the opening of KARUCO, KAD is performing a series of activities that are part and parcel of reformation celebrations. These activities includes official opening of diocesan buildings in different institutions and congregations, consecration of church buildings, laying foundation stones, and official opening of newly proposed congregations and parishes.
The congregants of Karaizo gathered on Sunday to celebrate their new status in the diocese after a long wait of being officially inaugurated. In his speech during the ceremony, Bishop Bagonza urged the congregants of Karaizo to honor reformation of the church as it is opened in honor of 500 hundred years of reformation. He also added that women in Karaizo should make efforts to bring men in church as they seem to be fewer in number and their participation in church matters is low.
Later that Sunday, the Bishop also officially opened the pastor’s house in Kanoni parish. Kanoni is also still the proposed parish and will be officially inaugurated this year before 29th October 2017. The Bishop extended his gratitude on behalf of KAD to the partners of Bidenkopf for their contribution, but also the congregants of Kanoni for their local contribution in building the pastor’s house.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi