“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few'' KAD Ordains New Sisters

NKWENDA: 30TH April 2017, was a blessed Sunday to the diocese of Karagwe but also to Nkwenda TUMSHUBIRE Deaconess Mother House. After nine years, Karagwe Diocese has consecrated and installed three new sisters into the diaconal ministry. The holy service was conducted at Nkwenda parish and Hon. Bishop Dr Benson Bagonza graced the service.

Nkwenda Mother House is a community of female deaconesses headed by Sr. Florence Gatege who is a Mother General of the House. The community of sisters is known as TUMSHUBIRE (meaning "Lets Hope), is
committed to serve the Almighty God. Sisters took holy vows to serve for their entire life. Sr. Olesta, Sr. Judith and Sr Anice are the new members of the house. Central to the vows, is to remain celibate voluntarily as a sign of sacrifice to serve selflessly.

Bishop Bagonza encouraged the new sisters to be pure in heart to God. He gave a word from Matthew 5:34-37 “But I tell you not to swear at all: either by heaven…………….Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ anything more comes from the evil one” Bishop Bagonza said
that when Jesus told us not to swear, he knew the weakness of man in keeping promises, “maintain the purity of your hearts, even when your fleshly bodies becomes weak and desire to go against your vows, let God see the true desire of your heart.”

He added that ‘’you have willingly chosen the life of monacistism in order to devote yourself fully to spiritual work. There are others who
in tears, made similar vows like yours but didn’t deny themselves, and they are no longer with us, we pray for you, for the life you have chosen is a challenge”

He reminded them to imitate the life of Jesus Christ who is a true deacon, the life of denying oneself from worldly pursuits such as wealthy, instead, living the life of serving the needy. He said that
monastic life does not mean to get away from the community and turn your body into an idol by struggling to preserve it than the service you have been called for.

The neighboring sisters from the St. Francis of Catholic Diocese of Kayanga, Kaaro parish, joined their fellow sisters in celebrating the
installation of new deaconesses in the holly service. Also sisters from NAMALIRA Deaconess Community in Bukoba attended and participated in blessing the new sisters. Amid heavy down pour of rain, hundreds of people calmly watched a four service where insiginias were being passed on to each sister. Those included the bible, the cross, a cap and lantern. Later on, celebrations have continued in their home villages and congregations where their
families are overjoyed with this achievement.

TUMSHUBIRE deaconess community started 25 years ago, and until now it has 10 sisters and several still under training. More than 15 have left the sisterhood in the last 25 years. After their 3 years
theoretical learning, they begin their practical work for two years. The subjects taught include; Home Based Care, Social works, Diaconia, Bible Knowledge, Nutrition, Psychology, Leadership and Liturgy. Therefore, the students are trained to become future Deacons to save in the church

May God bless your ministry with wisdom, may Christ fill you with
compassion and may the Holy Spirit sustain you on the journey

the power of interfaith

Text: Axsa Gabagambi