Nyakahanga:24.3.2017Karagwe Diocese mourns the death of our beloved Rev. Joseph Kahungya. Rev Kahungya died on Monday 20th March 2017 aged 78, in Muhimbili National Hospital. The late Reverend has battled the esophagus cancer that was discovered lately at the end of 2016. Rev. Joseph Kahungya is an iconic figure as he is one among the founders of Karagwe Diocese and he served as the first General Secretary of Karagwe Diocese for twenty years from 1979 to 1999 when he retired.

Rev. Kahungya was ordained as a pastor 0n 9/ 1/1966, and he served under the North Western Diocese for 13 years as a pastor and later as a teacher at Ruhija Evangelical Academy before Karagwe Diocese was
born. In his ministry, many people speak of him as a humble man who instinctively placed the concerns of others first, a peacemaker and bridge-builder.
Even after his retirement, Rev. Kahungya continued to serve the diocese with distinction and from 2009; he agreed to serve as a
teacher at Nkwenda Bible School until his death.

His funeral service was conducted on Friday 24th /3/2017 at his residence in Nyakahanga village, and was preceded with a short service
at Nyakashenyi parish church. During the service, Hon. Bishop Dr Benson Bagonza said that, just like the Apostle Paul, Rev. Kahungya have finished his race, he do not account his life of any value nor as precious to himself, if only he have accomplished his course and the ministry he received from the Lord Jesus. “The challenge remains to us who are still in the ministry”. He said. He
added that Rev. Kahungya loved the diocese, and he knew it like the marks of his finger prints.
Rev. Kahungya is survived with a wife, 9 children and 15

May he rest forever in the peace of The Lord whom he generously and faithfully served. May God console his family, the people, and
priests along with his many friends.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi