Earthquake Terror in Kagera.

Kaitaba Bukoba (borrowed photo, Bukoba Media)
On Saturday 10th September 2016, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit north-western Tanzania, killing people and leaving hundreds injured. Pictures and Video from affected areas showed collapsed brick homes and houses with cracks. Residents have been terrified and have admitted that probably it is the first major earthquake they have ever experienced. Health facilities in Bukoba township are overwhelmed by patients.

In Karagwe and Kyerwa administrative districts, one death was
Neighbouring house to Lukajange
reported immediately which occurred in Omurushaka township. The victim died before reaching the hospital. According to Dr. Patrick, the act Dr in charge of Nyakahanga hospital, 17 people in Nyakahanga Hospital were treated as outpatients and had several
Mr. Anastaz Lukas's new built house in Nyakahanga
injuries as the result of the earthquake. A dozen was admitted and one person has been referred to Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) in Mwanza. Unconfirmed reports from remote areas say there are several deaths that did not reach health facilities and this indicates that there is more than what meets the eyes.

Significant damage to buildings has been reported in Karagwe, a total
Nsunga, Bukoba (borrowed photo, Bukoba Media)
dozens of houses collapsed while hundred of buildings have been left with severe cracks. Several houses are showing new cracks day by day and about 34 houses in Karagwe areas have been condemned not to be safe to live in. One lecture hall of newly build Karagwe University College developed major cracks on the walls and foundation. Many families have lost their water tanks which is the major source of water. Karagwe and Kyerwa face chronic water shortage and many families maintains tanks for rain harvest.

Reports from Bukoba indicates that at least 23 people died and the Prime Minister of Tanzania attended official funeral of 15 of them. More than 300 are still hospitalized in Bukoba Government hospital alone.

Ever since the major quake of Saturday 10th, other four minor earthquakes with low intensity have occurred up to the morning of 12th September 2016. As a result, residents are still restless and terrified to the extent that some of them are camping outside of their houses during the night.

There has not been a coordinated effort by government and NGO’s to respond to this disaster. Meetings of coordination are underway. There seem to be lack of counselors for traumatic cases.

Text: Axsa Gabagambi