Archbishop of the Church of Sweden Visits Karagwe Diocese

Bishop Bagonza gives a gift to the Archbishop
Karagwe: The Karagwe diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania has been privileged by the visit of Archbishop Anders Wejryd since 15th to 17th Nov 2011. He led the delegation of four people.These were Rev. Margareta Carlenius, Rev. Sven-Erik Fjellstrom, Mr. Lennart Andreasson and Ms. Ewa Almqvist.

On his arrival at KAD, the archbishop visited the Lukajange Cathedral where he was received by pastors, Deacons, Evangelists, Sisters, Diocesan treasurer, Diocesan General Secretary and other heads of different departments.
A group photo with KAD workers:Photo Rev.Oscar

In this meeting the Archbishop had time to exchange ideas with the KAD workers and answer some questions about the role of the church, mission and other global issues. Both bishops analyzed the contexts in which both churches are ministering the people who are faced with numerous challenges.

The same day was remarked by the official reception which was prepared by KAD in honor of Archbishop and his delegation. Welcoming the Archbishop, the Bishop of KAD Dr. Benson Bagonza appreciated the coming of the Archbishop Anders. Bishop Bagonza went on to mention several beacons that are visible and remembered in the partnership between KAD and Church of Sweden.

Those included not least, Episcopal tradition which dates back to the first bishop the lat bendgt Sundkrer, the establishment of Karagwe Secondary School, community based projects, climate change projects, poverty reduction, capacity building, health activities and others social projects.

The next day, the Archbishop and his delegation attended the wonderful service in Mabira church district.
Preaching before oppening the new building:Photo Rev.Oscar
This service was special for the inauguration of the new Ibamba Dispensary building. This building was jointly funded by Danielson Foundation from Sweden and KAD after the convincingly visit of Rev. Leif Nordlander on 13th November, 2009.

Rev. Nordlander was inspired by the report from the dispensary leaders during his visit. After going back to Sweden there has been good communication between KAD and Danielson Foundation through Rev. Nordlander. The KAD General Secretary Mr. Erasto Kamihanda informed the archbishop that the total cost for the new building is Tanzania shillings 115,700,000/=.
The new building, front show.Photo:Rev.Oscar

Mr. Kamihanda made it clear that the building work considered the Church and Governmental building standards and value for money.

Apart from preaching in that service, the Archbishop Anders also was the one who inaugurated the building assisted by Bishop Bagonza.
The oppening of the new building at Ibamba:Photo:Rev.Oscar

After inaugurating the building, Bishop Anders expressed his thanks and joy for visiting KAD and take part in this historical activity

“We are all very happy to be here today. This building tells the fact that KAD is at work on people’s health and this is to realize the love commandment as Jesus Christ taught us. Apart from some challenges, we wish to continue working together as partners in God’s mission.” Said Archbishop Anders.

The service and inauguration ceremony were attended by at least six hundred people.
Hosana choir singing after the inagulation of the new building.Photo:Rev.Oscar
Tanzanian government represented by the Karagwe acting district commissioner the retired Col. Issa Njiku who appreciated the task of KAD for serving the community in several ways including health, education and social services. He promised that the government shall continue supporting the church efforts for the community liberation.

In his way back to Karagwe Hotel, the Archbishop visited Chemigela tree nursery which is jointly supported by Church of Sweden and KAD in the Aforestation project.
For the remembrance of his visit, the Archbishop planted a tree in front of the Chemigela congregation church building.
Bishops plants the memorial tree after visiting the Chemigela tree nursery

The Archbishop and the delegation flew to Arusha from Karagwe on 17th Nov, 2011 through Ihanda Air Strip which is owned by KAD.

Text: Rev. Oscar S. Samwel