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Department of Planning & Development

The mission of the department is “to coordinate the planning activities of all departments, districts as well as parishes of the diocese and to ensure that the local congregations are involved in the planning processes”. This support of planning maintains all kind of church development projects: The construction of churches or schools, improving life conditions or empowering special groups like women or children. Horace Kamkoto is an acting Head of Department


The department’s aim is to support the KAD leadership in the management of the diocese and the decision making. This involves:

The projects are structured in short- and long-term projects. Short-term projects last up to six months and deal with constructions of school buildings or churches. Long-term projects are planned for three years and empower special groups with workshops, trainings and special support. The department is currently implementing four long-term projects, funded by the Church of Sweden:

Karagwe Environmental Conservation Project(KECP)

Adolescent Girls Empowerement(AGE)


Further information through Email: planning@kad.or.tz.

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