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Palliative Care (PC)

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Palliative Care (PC) is a widely recognized speciality of medicine and nursing which serves the quality of Life of patients and their families who face the problems associated with life-threatening illness. The project includes the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and effective assessment and treatment of pain and other physical, psychological and spiritual problems.

In 1999 the Evangelical Church in Tanzania (ELCT) started the PC project. It contained holistic care including the spiritual aspect and the ability to treat even severe pain (See Oral morphine since 2002). Since 2004 the ELCT has a national fulltime coordinator and since 2005 an assistant coordinator as well. The a first phase, 7 ELCT Hospitals such as Bumbuli were elected to start with the training.

The hospital of Nyakahanga belongs to the site of the Phase II. This is the plan to train two medical staff of the Nyakahanga Hospital as PC co-workers.

PC goes along with the services such as transport, supplying medicines and supporting community volunteers. The Karagwe Diocese and its workers are the link to the communities.


Further information through Dr. Andrew, Nyakahanga Hospital by Email: doctor-nyakahanga@kad.or.tz.

Text: ELCT Hospital Nyakahanga

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