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Nyakahanga Care and Treatment Centre (CTC)

Nyakahanga Care and Treatment Centre (CTC) started on 1st April 2005 after training on ARV management at Bugando Medical centre in March 2005. After two month of starting care services (registering patient with HIV and giving them opportunistic infection treatment) in June 2005 the centre stared giving ARV to people with HIV after clinical evaluation based on WHO staging. Those were clinical stage 4 were started on ARV and some on stage 3 were started as well.

In May 2006 one organisation supporting care and treatment came in as a partner: The International Centre for AIDS Care and Treatment Programme (ICAP). ICAP supported the centre with a CD4 machine, biochemistry and a computer. Then CTC started to check CD4 to all patients. Giving ARV was now based on CD4. Sometimes clinical staging was used.

1844 clients are registered: Male above 14 years 526, female above 14 years 1202, male 0-14 years 58, female 0-14 years 58. On ARV total 941, male above 14 years 298, female above 14 years 595, male 0-14 yrs 23 and female 0-14 yrs 25.




Further information through Dr. Kashashari or Dr. Andrew by Email: doctor-nyakahanga@kad.or.tz.

Text: Dr. Kashashari

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