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Documentation 2008

The documents are listed in chronological order. The newest ones are on the top.

September 2008

A delegation of ATEGRIS GmbH, Muelheim, Germany visited Nyakahanga Hospital and signed a partnership agreement. Here it is (184 KB):

August 2008

In the beginning of August the KAD leadership, representatives of all church districts of the Karagwe Diocese and from German partnership (see also news). Here is the Kayanga Partnership Agreement 2008 (231 KB):

July 2008

Youth from Karagwe Diocese and Danmission started a new project on Human Rights. Y.O.U. stands for Youth of Unity. The young people from Tanzania and Denmark discussed the theme “Youngs people rights” (See also news). Here is the workshop report (96 KB):

April 2008

The KAD Leadership met at a workshop at Nkwenda Youth Centre to develop a five years plan: ‘KAD Strategic Plan – June 2008-2013’:

The KAD Strategic Plan with vision, mission, goals, objectives etc. (140 KB):
The Workshop Report on how the Strategic Plan was developed (240 KB):
The Appendix with the list of participants etc. (27 KB):

March 2008

UEM organized a workshop on 'Fighting poverty'. Here you can download the report. [download#32]

February 2008

Here you can download the complete Annual Report 2007 of the ELCT Hospital in Nyakahanga. [download#16]

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