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Partnerships on District Level

Since more than 25 years there are partnership links between districts of the Karagwe Diocese in Tanzania and church districts (Dekanate, Kirchenkreise) in Germany.

Church District (Kirchenkreis) Arnsberg

Protestant Church of Westfalia
- See Ihembe District -
Rev. Burkhard Krieger
Email: burkhard.krieger@freenet.de
Website of the church district and the partnership (in German): http://www.kirchenkreis-arnsberg.de/ihembe/

Church District (Dekanat) Biedenkopf

Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau
- See Kituntu District -
Rev. Jorg Staehler
Email: jstaehler@t-online.de
Website of the partnership (in German, English and Kiswahili): www.biedenkopf-kituntu.de

Church District (Kirchenkreis) Guetersloh

Protestant Church of Westfalia
- See Kyerwa and Murongo Districts -
Wolfgang Schröder
Email: schroeder@karagwe.de
Website of the partnership (in German): www.karagwe.de

Church District (Kirchenkreis) Leverkusen

Protestant Church of the Rhineland
- See Lukajange District –
Anne Becker
Website of the kirchenkreis and partnership (in German): www.kirche-leverkusen.de/tanzania

Church District (Kirchenkreis) Luebbeke

Protestant Church of Westfalia
- See Bweranyange District -
Rev. Dieter Litschel
Email: dieter.litschel@gmx.de
Website of the Kirchenkreis and the partnership (in German): http://www.kirchenkreis-luebbecke.de/

Church District (Dekanat) Nassau

Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau
- See Mabira District –
Berthold Krebs
Email: Berthold.krebs@t-online.de
Website of the church district (in German): http://www.rhein-lahn-evangelisch.de/

Church District (Dekanat) Gladenbach

Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau
- See Ngara Mission Area -
Rev. Frieder Ackermann
Email: frieder.ackermann@hiwwel.de
Website in German: http://www.tansania-partnerschaft.de/

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