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Bweranyange Girls Secondary School

The school belongs to the ELCT Karagwe Diocese. It was officially started in July 2007 and was solemnly inaugurated by Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza and the former German church-president Peter Steinacker of the Evangelical Church of Hesse-Nassau (EKHN).
The motto “It takes a woman to raise a nation” guides the school.

Bweranyange Girls Secondary School offers education studies from form one to form four. In total, there are 286 girls taught by 15 teachers in general subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Civics, English language, Geography, History, Kiswahili, Religion, Mathematics, Commerce, Book-keeping and Physics. 13 staff members belong to the non-teaching staff and care about the administration and catering of the boarding school. Since August, 2012 the school was lead by Mrs. Sophia Kanyamwenge. This year, the school leadership changed after transfering Mrs. Kanyamwenge to Karagwe Secondary School. The current head of school at Bweranyange Girls School is Mrs. Edina Gerald

The Girls Secondary School and its buildings stretch above the hills of Bweranyange District. Class rooms for every form belong as well to the school’s buildings as three dormitories, bath rooms, a dining hall, a kitchen, a store for the student’s food and an administration building, laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Currently, the school is performing well academically. Last year, Bweranyange acquired the 1st position in Karagwe District and number 7 out of 109 secondary schools of Kagera Region.



Future plans


The school has partnership with Birger Forell-Real schule (High School) in Germany. The areas of partnership include financial support to the school and partnership visits among teachers and students

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