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Aids Control Project (ACP)

The Aids Control Project (ACP) was established in 1991. Up to the year 2008 the project goal has been to reduce incidences of HIV and AIDS/STIís (Sexually transmitted infections). Besides we tried to alleviate the negative social effects of HIV and AIDS/STIís on marginalized groups and the general population in the project area.

The project is now working with beneficiary communities in the context of RBA (Rights Based Approach in programming) this involve duty bearers and rights holders to be responsible to their prescribed obligations).
Under the major activity of school support in terms of fees,scholastic materials and necessary school contributions,the following are the newly established package.

  • Local capacity building on care,support and mitigation of social impact as regards to HIV / AIDS pandemic by networking with stake holders at district level as well as grassroots formed governmental and non-governmental structures.

  • Establishing the micro savings and credits schemes among community members for supporting their living needs as well as locally existing vulnerable community members to include OVC`s,MVC`s,widow/ers, the elderly taking care of their grand children(sons/daughters)aiming at sustainable means for survival after sometime(before,during and after school lives).

  • Anti stigma and discrimination initiatives through inter-religious meetings/workshops involving also government formed structures as well as other actors to combat HIV/AIDS and promote development through employing a sense of ownership in whatever community members do.

  • You can download the implemantation for more information [download#59]

    Target groups

    For the yearv 2011-2013,the targets have been categorised into primary and main secondary targets.The primary targets include:-
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children aged 10 Ė 18 years.

  • Vulnerable adolescents and youths aged over 18 years attending institutions higher learning and vocational institutions, out of school.

  • High risk adolescents groups and Children who may vary according to the area (Eg. Children in fishing communities/Children in Prisons/Shanties or HIV infected.

  • The secondary main secondary targets are the duty bearers who are legal or moral from communities at their different capacities who have capacity to guarantee protection for OVCs and MVCs to address gender equality.

    See more information on this file [download#60]


    Further information through Venant T. Mugenyi, ACP coordinator, by Email: aids.control@kad.or.tz

    Text: Venant T. Mugenyi

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