Re-Afforestation Project

Founded by the Church of Sweden. (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
Since the beginning in 2007, the re-forestation project is located in the districts of Bweranyange, Kyerwa, Mabira and Murongo.
Due to the forest clearance in the past, an erosion of the grounds has taken place. And in fact, there is nothing better than the roots of trees to stabilize a ground. Funded by the Church of Sweden, the re-forestation of the bare grounds is done to preserve the nature and the soil fertility. Therefore the project is based on two pillars: Nursing and planting trees and also educating the population in environmental conservation.


Tree nurseries at Kyerwa and Mabira

Sowing seeds and nursing seedlings for the re-afforestation project (Photo: Sam Kayongo)
A re-forestation project starts with many tree seedlings. That is the reason why the diocese runs tree nurseries at Kyerwa and Mabira where the seeds are sowed and the seedlings are nursed. Afterwards the grown seedlings can be planted to gardens of schools and churches of the diocese, in congregations and parishes or at forests.

Seminars at districts and congregations

Goal: Planting and conserving indigenous trees (Photo: Sam Kayongo)
Within the seminars the participants are taught to plant and conserve indigenous trees. To support this subject, the seminars also deal with the role of the forest to the community, the environmental degradation caused by bare grounds, the effects on bush burning and the effect of forests on climate change. From every part of public life, people participate in the seminars: Evangelists, pastors, women leaders, village executives, teachers and NGO representatives.


  • Planting trees in Bweranyange, Kyerwa, Mabira and Murongo (Photo: Sam Kayongo)
    About 500.000 trees were planted since the project started in 2007.
  • Due to the seminars, the populationís knowledge on tree conservation has been provided. Also the peopleís awareness for the relevance of forests has been increased.
  • More and more private farmers start to nurse tree seedlings and plant forests on their land.

  • Plans for the years 2011/12

  • Provide more seminars about tree conservation at the congregation level
  • Continue in supporting farmers to preserve forests
  • Continue tree nursery arrangements and assist private tree nursery farmers
  • Install regular inspections of the project arrangements

  • The project is part of the Department for Planning & Development.


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    Information and photos by Sam Kayongo
    Text: Annika Henkel