Karagwe Environmental Conservation Project

The Karagwe Environmental Project (KECP) formerly referred to as the Re-afforestation Project is operated through the planning and development department of Karagwe Diocese. The project has been sponsored by Church of Sweden. It started in the 1990ís. The project that was originally operating in Murongo and Bweranyange has been renewed and is now operating in the church districts of Mabira, Ihembe, Lukajange and Kyerwa.


The main goal of the project is to preserve Godís creation. It is responsive to climate change effects at both local and global levels.


    Providing knowledge to farmers on the best methods of environmental utilization and management
    Promote tree planting and conservation of indigenous forests
    Increase accessibility to safe and clean water to the local communities
    Preservation of water catchment areas


Karagwe Diocese seeks to achieve the project objectives by engaging in the following activities;

    Awareness seminars on environmental conservation to farmers, c community and church leaders
    Establishment of tree nurseries

    Tree planting by engaging various stakeholders including individuals, church schools and NGOís
    Promotion of Agro forestry
    Provide support to farmers to conserve existing indigenous forests
    Promoting beekeeping to the farmers
    Rehabilitation of water sources as a climate change adaptation strategy
    Promote alternative energy sources including efficient stoves, bio-gas and electricity


    Distributed seedlings to the farmers, churches and schools of Murongo,Bweranyange,Kyerwa, Mabira and Lukajange Church districts
    Conduction of environmental seminars to pastors, committee leaders, teachers, ward/village executives, GO representatives and women leaders.
    The project is also operating four tree nurseries at Mabira, Kifora, Ihembe and Muguruka
    More effort is put so as to preserve indigenous trees through a contract system. So far farmers have been engaged under this system.


The project will continue rolling up to the districts of Ihembe, Lukajange, Mabira, Murongo, Bweranyange and Kyerwa

The focus area
    Giving maximum attention to protection of the local trees and indigenous forests. These include trees like Casia albida, Ficus Thoningii, Cordial African,Acacia nilotica, Acacia polyacantha and acacia and Albizia viscosa[/ul[ul]Encouraging farmers to grow trees alongside crops and other agricultural activities (Agro-forestry)
    Establishing a bio-diversity reserve for the preservation of indigenous trees, promotion of efficient energy alternatives and empowerment of village environmental committees.
    We have managed to build workerís house at Kifora natural forest reserve.