What is characteristic for the projects by Karagwe Diocese?

Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza:

(Photo: Wolfgang Schroeder)Karagwe smile
“The Karagwe Diocese runs economic, educational, political, public and social welfare. This is a wide range of projects which deal with every part of human life. People benefit a lot from these projects and they also support them. They know that we are all part of the community and that we have to cooperate if we want to reach the best result.
Some of these results are to support local people with household economics, our good efforts in social service’s provision and to supplement our mission efforts. We started with a heifer project which provided cows to poor families at Karagwe. Since then and up to now, we plan new projects – for example concerning the advocacy of farmers and the palliative care.”

Today, the diocese runs the Aids Control Project, the Re-Afforestation Project, the agricultural New Life Project, the Palliative Care, the Primary Health Care and Nyakahanga Care and Treatment Centre.

Question by Annika Henkel