The groundbreaking ceremony that took place on October 11, 2012 marked the start of the construction of KARUCO. The ceremony gathered hundreds of people both from within and outside Tanzania. The guest of honor was the Hon. Christopher Chiza, who was then the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives of the United Republic of Tanzania.
So far, in collaboration with our esteemed partners from Karagwe, Tanzania and abroad, we have managed to construct the following buildings and infrastructure.
1. Administration building
2. Four lecture rooms halls,
3. A library
4. Three laboratory classrooms
5. Two students' hostels,
6. Toilet buildings,
7. Five water tanks
8. A 110 meter deep borehole
9. Bringing electric power to the campus and in all the existing buildings
10. A dining hall is still under construction
11. Furniture items for all the buildings are being made.
12. Building of walkways with paving bricks is underway.

Particularly, we are very much indebted to:
1. The Educate Tanzania Inc. (ETI), based in Minnesota, USA for supporting the construction of 2 lecture rooms, 4 rainwater harvesting tanks, and co-funding the building of the 3 laboratory classrooms and the library.
2. The United Evangelical Mission (UEM)- Germany for co-funding the construction of the library and the laboratory classrooms. Furthermore, UEM has funded the furniture making project, internet installation, walkways, the accreditation process and other activities.
3. The Evangelical Church in Hessen and Nassau - Germany for co-funding the construction of the library and the laboratory classrooms.
4. The Westphalian Church - Germany for funding 2 lecture rooms.
5. The Vaestras Diocese of the Church of Sweden for funding the installation of electricity at KARUCO.
6. The Niestedten Lutheran Parish in Hamburg - Germany for co-funding the completion of the laboratory classrooms and for donating 50 start-up computers for the library.
7. The Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod - USA for funding the construction of the dining hall.
8. The Church of Sweden for supporting the building of 1 students' hostel.
9. The Luebbecke Church District in Germany for funding the construction of 1 students' hostel.

For more information about the buildings, please see the flyer.

Construction Progress
Karagwe Diocese – Construction Progress