The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Karagwe Diocese (ELCT/KAD) is currently engaged in a project of establishing Karagwe University College (KARUCO), whose main focus will be agriculture and environmental studies. KARUCO, which is planned to be inaugurated in October 2015, will be the second university in Tanzania (after the Sokoine University of Agriculture) with a bias in agriculture. Its vision is to transform rural agricultural communities and build prosperous, just und sustainable societies in Tanzania and in Africa as a whole.

The establishment of KARUCO demonstrates the commitment of the ELCT/KAD to build a strong community, which is joyful, peaceful and holistically empowered. This vision is in line with the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 (TDV) that aims at raising the general standard of living of Tanzanians to the level of a typical medium-income developing country by the year 2025. The TDV (2025) underscores the necessity of quality education and science and technology in transforming agriculture and eradicating poverty in the country.

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Bishop Dr. Benson K. Bagonza,
Chairperson of the Task Force,
ELCT/Karagwe Diocese OR
+255 784 89 34 14 & +255 754 74 24 23

Rev. Dr. Brighton MJ Katabaro,
Coordinator Karagwe University College OR
Tel.: +255 684 94 64 34 & +255 758 94 64 34

Mr. Erasto Kamihanda,
General Secretary ELCT/Karagwe Diocese,
Tel: +255 755 48 22 59