Tumushubire is a vernacular language which means our hope and faith should be to God, taking an account of Noah when he sent out a dove to realize the peace in his respect work of building Safina. Therefore, Tumushubire is a combination of all female deacons of Karagwe Diocese. Their respect work is
to build hope and faith to all Vulnerable and Marginalized groups of our society. The theme of Tumshubire is to ‘’serve’’. It has three institutions which are;
Nkwenda Deaconess School, Tumushubire Kindergarten and Tumushubire English Medium Primary

Nkwenda Deaconess School
Nkwenda Mother House is a community of female deaconesses who are committed to serve the Almighty God for their entire life. It was established in 1992 by the German Mother House in Kassel and two sisters, Sr. Hedi Hennerich and Sr. Hanna Goebel together with their friends from Netherlands.

Up to date, Nkwenda Deaconess School has five students. After their 3 years theoretical learning, they begin their practical work for two years. The subjects taught include; Home Based Care, Social Issues, Diaconia, Bilble Knowledge, Nutrition, Psychology, Leadership and Liturgy. Therefore, the students are trained to become future Deacons to save in the church.

Tumushubire kindergarten formerly known as Tumaini was established in the year 2000. Up to date, the kindergarten class has 22 pupils who are boarding scholars. These pupils
are taught numbers, Kiswahili and Alphabets as their first stage of learning.

Tumushubire English Medium Primary School
The primary school of Tumushubire began with a
total of 15 pupils. The school has now grown with a total of 110 pupils from STD I to STD V


The following are some of the achievements that have been attained by Tumushubire
    Tumushubire started with kindergarten class which has now expanded to a primary school (STD I-V)
    After graduating of the deacons, there is more man power in the Diocesan institutions; especially providing spiritual services
    Diaconia has resulted into kindergarten and primary school
    Construction of more buildings and water tanks
    Self reliance activities such as cow keeping hence availability of milk for the pupils at school

Future plans

    Continue with provision of education to all institutions that form Tumushubire (deaconess centre, kindergarten and primary school)
    More constructions of buildings such as school dining hall and kitchen, library, administration block
    Establishment of day care and retreat centre

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