Nyakahanga Designated District Hospital

Nyakahanga is a Designated District Hospital, which is owned by this Church-Diocese of Karagwe. The hospital has been on medical services more than 100 years now. For it is a Designated District Hospital, has been providing its services in partnership with government. The government has the obligation to pay staff salaries and make medicines and medical supplies, while Karagwe Diocese is responsible for infrastructure (buildings, vehicles, machinery, etc.)
Entrance Hall. (Photo: Dr. Kashashari)

With treatment, other services offered include: care for the victims of HIV, cervical cancer screening, tuberculosis, maternal and child care .

ELCT/KAD is one of the biggest stake holders in provision of health services in Tanzania. KAD in support of health services owns the following facilities;
Room with patients. (Photo: Dr. Kashashari)

•Nyakahanga DDH
•Ibamba Dispensary
•Karaseco Dispensary
•Nyakatera Dispensary
•Ihembe Dispensary
•Katenga Dispensary - Ngara

History and Development

•Located in Karagwe District, Kagera Region, Northwestern corner of Tanzania.
•Owned by Evangelical Lutheran Church-Karagwe Diocese
•Found in 1912, as a small dispensary by Germany Missionaries
•1963 was expanded to the status of a Hospital
•1972 started to serve as a district Hospital
•1992 A formal contract with Tanzania Government to become Designated District Hospital (DDH) was signed The contract stipulates:
•The Government is responsible for staff salaries, drugs cost and other operational costs.
•The Church – Retains the ownership and is responsible for capital development.

Management levels

•Board of Governors
•Medical Board
•Hospital Management Advisory C‘tee
•Hospital Management C‘tee
•Hospital Management Team

Success / Achievements

The following are some of the achievements by Nyakahanga hospital

• According to the Safe Care International Agency for provision of health services, Nyakahanga has been able to reach the level of two stars by average of 71% while the national average is 38%
• For more than 100 years now, Nyakahanga has been able to provide services
• Maintenance and development of infrastructure
• Financial sustainability
Nurses at work (Photo: Dr Andrew Charles Cesari)

• Internal and external cooperation
• Theatre building for pregnant mothers currently under construction
• Nyakahanga hospital is the only designated hospital that serves two districts namely; Karagwe and Kyerwa
• It is a hospital whereby students from various universities get practical training


• Serving two districts
• Underutilization of other facilities in the district
• Changing disease patterns – outbreaks
• Ever changing policies (reforms, donors/partners, global economy instability)
• Drugs and medical supplies
• Increased number of eligibly exempted patients

Way forward

• Strengthening cooperation with the government through Public Private Partnership(PPP)
• Institutional capacity building in terms of ;
personnel –training, recruitment, establishment of Allied Health Studies(Cos, Nurse, Lab)
infrastructure- new block with 180 beds capacity, renovation of existing infrastructure

Additional information

Rev. Jeremiah Rugimbana is the current hospital secretary who officially started his new in March, 2016.

Mrs. Jesca Lutahoile is also the current matron of Nyakahanga after the retiring of the former matron.

Nyakahanga hospital has a specialist in women's diseases. Dr. Furaha Kahindo was sent by UEM to work with Karagwe Diocese. She is available on Mondays and Fridays.

To get more information about Nyakahnga please download the following;

2014 annual report
Karagwe Diocese – 2014 annual report

General Hospital statistics for three years
Karagwe Diocese – General Hospital statistics for three years

Further information through the Doctor in Charge, Dr Andrew Charles Cesari doctor-nyakahanga@kad.or.tz

Text: Dr Andrew Charles Cesari