Nkwenda Youth Centre

Nkwenda Youths and Farmers Training Centre (NYFTC)
The idea to establish Nkwenda Youth Centre was born in the early 1980s. The idea aimed to strengthen youth from Nkwenda area as they were attending seminars in an increasing number of participants. There were also job camps organized by the diocese more than in any other region of the Diocese.

As the extension of the activities was needed, the Diocese decided to establish a big centre. In 1986 the District Office for Agriculture agreed to give 10 acres to the Diocese. The plot was handed over on 27th January 1987. On the way, the idea was expanded that instead of only having a youth centre, the Diocese should also establish a training centre for farmers. The expansion of the idea led to the request of another 100 acres plot from the government.javascript:pictures('pictures','content');

In 1987, the Diocese organized a camp where youth from different parishes came together and made 6000 bricks. Friends from Germany came to support the building process in 1988 from Westfalia Church.

Since then, there have been supports from different areas and people. The centre has now grown thus having another twin centre called Emmau located at Nyaishozi. The centre was obtained
in 2013.The courses offered have been divided to the two centers as follows; carpentry and joinery, tailoring, masonry and Brick laying, welding and metal fabrication. Rev. Muberwa Buchwechwe coordinates the two centres.

For more statistics of the two centres click here;
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Besides that, Nkwenda centre engages in agriculture and livestock keeping such as cows and goats. Also farming of seasonal crops that enables the students to learn how to farm but it also becomes a source of food at the centre.


1. More than 500 students have graduated since 1986
2. Self employment to one third of the students


1. Church of Sweden: Supports Nyaishozi centre with buildings
2. Nkwenda Network of Germany;School support eg. Generator and construction of buildings
Espelkamp of Germany;exchange programs,school support eg. With solar power
3. Eriemaeker/Pelvsen of Denmark ;exchange programs

Text: Rev. Jeremiah Rugimbana

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