Nkwenda Deakoness School

(Photo: Florence Gatege)
Nkwenda Mother House is a community of female deaconesses who are committed to serve the almighty God for the whole life. The centre was established in 1992 by the German Mother House in Kassel and two sisters, Sr. Hedi Hennrich and Sr. Hanna Goebel together with their friends from the Netherlands. Led by Florence Gatege, the institution aims for the development of women, children and social welfare ministry in offering:
  • Development of training for nursing provision and cure ministry
  • Rural venerability take care ministry
  • Missionary ministry in parishes
  • Training of deacons, for example pre-school teachers and teachers

Deaconess education

(Photo: Florence Gatege)
Five students have started their deaconess course at Nkwenda in 2011. Within the next two years the students will be taught among in the subjects Home Based Care, Social Issues, Diaconia, Bible Knowledge, Nutrition, Psychology, Leadership and Liturgy. Sister Florence Gatege, Sister Pauline Ezekiel and Constanze Reinstaedtler will lead these courses. After these two years of theoretical learning, the students will start their practical work.


The Tumaini Kindergarten has been established in 2000. Today, 38 children come every day, from Monday to Friday, to attend the Kindergarten. Analice Mugarula and Owekisha Musheshe, the teachers, teach the children in pre-school subjects, such as learning numbers, Kiswahili alphabetic or their first English words. Besides the children have time to enjoy their time and play with their friends.

Tumaini English Medium Primary School

(Photo: Florence Gatege)
In January 2011, the Primary School at Nkwenda parish has started with 15 pupils and one teacher. Tumaini is a boarding school and is expect to welcome pupils from whole Karagwe. These boarding classes are combined with the day school for pupils who live around the school. Tumaini is under supervision of Tumshubile which is run by the Karagwe Diocese.

German Support

Supporting Nkwenda Deakoness School (Photo: Florence Gatege)
Constanze Reinstaedtler, from the Deanery Gladenbach in Germany, supports the staff since February until August 2011. In her time at Nkwenda she offers courses at the Kindergarten, the Primary School and also supports the Diaconia Courses. For example, she teaches the Diaconia students in Home Basic Care and explains them how to help and care for sick or handicapped people. She is sent by UEM for a practical training due to her education at Germany.


  • From 1992 to 2000, 18 female deacons were trained nine of them are still serving God
  • From 2001 to 2007, 48 Pre-school teachers were educated all of them are working


Further information through Sr. Florence Gatege, Institution Leader, by Email fgatege@yahoo.com.

Text: Florence Gatege