Nkwenda Bible School

Nkwenda Bible School belongs to Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. It is located in the Kyerwa governmental district: Nkwenda ward, just 47 Kms from Lukajange. The school was started in the year 1982. Since then, it has managed to train more than 450 evangelists. Its mandate is based on Christís command as stipulated in Matt.28:19-20.
The school is headed by a principal. Under the principal are staff meetings and studentsí meetings. Final decisions are made by the school board, which eventually reports to the Diocesan council. Up to date, the school has 24 students,
4 teaching staffs and 1 non teaching staff.

The school runs a two years course that includes the following topics: Biblical Studies, Evangelism, Church music, Stewardship, Psychology, Ethics, Dogmatics, Church History, Homiletics, Self-reliance activities, Kiswahili and English. The school also runs in-service Seminars to Evangelists who did not get a two years course.
With self- reliance activities, the school involves in keeping cows
. Farming is also part of the curriculum activities done by the students. This helps them with getting food.

Specific Objectives for the year 2015
1.To train 24 evangelists2.To cooperate with internal and external partners of the Diocese for financial support of the students.3.To find more partners for the school.4.To prepare a budget for the year.5.To plant 500 trees in the school compound by December

Future plans
1.Construction of more toilets, library, administration block, retreat house and a music theatre2.Establish internet connectivity for fast and easy communication

1.The school has so far encountered some achievements and these include;
Increased number of evangelists in the parishes which enables the growth of spiritual activities in parishes and congregation
2.Worship services have been improved in parishes through provision of liturgical education

Nkwenda Bible School has partnership with DANMISSION. With the partnership, DANMISSION provides financial support to the school so as to run its activities.
The church in Rietberg- Gutersloh also supports the school; it now pays the school cook monthly allowance which will last for three years.
"It was a good idea for the Diocese to open a Bible school because in one way or another, it helps with spread of the word of God through evangelism and hence building a strong and Christ centered society.
It also provides employment to people as a way of developing the society." the school principal is Rev. Godfrey Kagashani.

For further information contact the Principal of Nkwenda Bible School through;