Lukajange Orphans Vocal Training Centre (L.O.V.T.C)

he Lukajange Orphans Vocal Training Centre was founded by Lukajange congregation in the year 1994. The centre began with a field of tailoring, carpentry and household knowledge. Later on, household knowledge was dropped and retaining two courses until now. The course duration is two years and at the end of the course, certificates are awarded to the good performers. This training centre is managed and operated by Karagwe Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. The centre receives students who come from economically disadvantaged families who have completed grade seven and secondary education. The aim is to provide technical knowledge in the field of tailoring and carpentry.

Since 2014, the centre has also included entrepreneurship as a course so as to enable students to be independent in their daily life, be creative in improving their economic status as employment
is now a burning issue in Tanzania. So far, the centre has a total of 4 teachers and 4 non-teaching staffs. Mrs. Loyce Ntimba is the acting head of the institution.


The overall goals of Lukajange Training centre include the following;

    Educating and helping young orphans and those from vulnerable families by providing the appropriate technical knowledge on tailoring, carpentry and entrepreneurship.

    Introducing and increasing more courses following the existing need of the students

    Creating and maintaining relationships with other institutions within and outside the Diocese for the purpose of sharing talents and knowledge of vocational education and increase the scope of learning for the students.

Apart from providing education, of Lukajange Training centre is involved in independent work. The centre has an area used for maize and beans cultivation and after the harvest, the product is used by the students as food. Also within the surroundings of the centre, students
have planted trees as a way of promoting environmental conservation.


The centre runs a project of a milling machine that helps in grinding corn, cassava and sorghum for the centre and the neighbor schools and families.
At every beginning of the academic year, the students communicate with different secondary schools that need uniforms and so in that way, the centre earns income that is used for paying allowances to the staff and other requirements of the centre.

Through the friendship between Lukajange church district and Leverkusen in Germany,the centre has been known to the people of Leverkusen where individuals donate part of the payment of wages and salaries.

Behind any success,there are some challenges, and the centre faces some challenges of lacking modern equipment and teaching aids and due to that the training centre is not yet registered .

For further information contact: Mrs. Loyce Ntimba Tel: +255 785 409 932