Karagwe Secondary School (KARASECO)

Administration Building (Photo: Annika Henkel)
KARASECO is a co-education boarding school which is owned and run by the ELCT - Karagwe Diocese. The school was opened in 1977 at Lukajange. Due to the shortage of land and lack of tap water, the school was shifted in 1990 to Kishojo village at Kituntu District. The school is located in the rural area, where, like most rural areas in Tanzania, there is lack of access to reliable communication systems. Nevertheless the school is connected to the internet and offers the students coursesof computer education. Mr Donacian Lufurano is the current head of school.

At the first intake in 1977, KARASECO started with 80 boys. Today there are 468 students studying – 167 females and 301 males.

24Teachers teach the students in the subjects Agricultural Science, Bible Knowledge, Biology, Chemistry, Civics, Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Information Technology, Kiswahili, Mathematics and Physics.20 of the teaching staff are males and 4 are females. The non-teaching staff comprises of 18 members of which 7 are females and 11 males.

KARASECO offers study courses for the O-Level, form one to four, and also the A-Level, form five and six. And the school is doing well: KARASECO is one among the best schools in Karagwe District and Kagera region.


  • To have a school, which is exemplary for a moral and academical education in our society.
  • To provide knowledge that will contribute towards recipients’ self-advancement economically and socially so as to enable them participate fully in the national building activities.
  • To prepare children physically and spiritually who would later serve the Diocese and the ELCT at large in various activities.


(Photo: Annika Henkel)
The subject Agricultural Science has been established and a specialized teacher for Agriculture Knowledge support the staff.[/li]
  • Five domitories for boys and four dormitories for girls have been built and also the number of female students has been increased
  • [li].[li]The school also has two laboratories,one library,one dinning hall,one watchmen house and one SACCOS office.

    Besides there are the arts’ combinations as HKL (History, Kiswahili, Language), HGL (History, Geography, Language) and HGK (History, Geography, Kiswahili). The economical combination possibilities consist of HGE (History, Geography, Economics) and EGM (Economics, Geography, Advanced Mathematics). PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics), PGM (Physics, Geography, Advanced Mathematics) and CBG (Chemistry, Biology, Geography) are part of the sciences’ combinations. [/li][/ul

    Karagwe Secondary school has two sister schools;Horne Efterskole from Denmark,the partnership began in 2011. Gymnasium Heide Ost from Germany,the partnership began in 2005.

    For further information about KARASECO see www.karaseco.co.tz

    Further contact
    KARASECO, P.O. Box 87, Karagwe, Tanzania
    Email: karaseco@mail.com