Welcome to the Karagwe Hotel

Sunrise at the hotel in Kayanga. (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
Formerly known as the Youth Centre in Kayanga, the Karagwe Hotel & Conference Centre was re-established in September 2007 with the aim to provide services as such:
  • Accommodation
  • Conference Centre
  • Restaurant
  • Laundry

The staff of Karagwe Hotel & Conference Centre is committed to do its very best providing quality service to all customers.


Bed & Breakfast

Double-Room in Block A. (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
Block A (Self contained rooms)
Double Room 20,000 TSh or 25 US$
Suite 25,000 TSh or 35 US$

Double Room in Block B. (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
Block B (Self contained rooms)
Double Room 15,000 TSh or 18 US$
Suite 18,000 TSh or 20 US$

Double Room 15,000 TSh or 18 US$
Suite 20,000 TSh or 22 US$

Residents are charged in TSH and Non-Residents in US$.


Karagwe Hotel offers
Karibu to the restaurant. (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Menu a la carte
  • Tanzanian dishes
  • Picnic lunch


  • To improve accommodation standards with modern rooms full of facilities, for example heaters, TVs and indirect calls
  • To train and give seminars to our staff on customer care (capacity building)
  • To improve and extend restaurant services
  • To build a modern kitchen and laundry
  • To purchase equipment such as laundry machines, deep freezer, microwave, cookers, furniture, air conditioning machines
  • To establish a curio shop
  • To fence the area for more security;
  • To modernize our gardens as well as making new gardens


Further information through Miss Accurate Bamuhiga Manager of Karagwe Hotel, Email karagwe.hotel@kad.or.tz