What is specific for the institutions at Karagwe Diocese?

Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza:

“First of all, the range is holistic: The Karagwe Diocese offers educational, health, social and spiritual institutions as well as economic or environmental institutions. Many people at Karagwe benefit from these institutions and also many people support them. It is our response to the great commission by Jesus Christ. We, the Karagwe Diocese and the people, feel that we are called to care about and minister the whole – the people and also the universe.
Entrance Hall. (Photo: Dr. Kashashari)
We started in 1912 with Nyakahanga Hospital and since then we have set our focus on new institutions which improve the people’s life at Karagwe. And also today, we want to advance Karagwe and plan to install a university, an orphanage and a home based care center.“

Besides the hospital and the planned university KARUCO, the Karagwe Diocese runs the schools Karagwe Secondary School, Bweranyange Girls Secondary School, TEGEMEO and Imani EM PS. At Nkwenda parish, the Bible School provides a spiritual and the Youth Centre as well as the Deakoness School a social support. Last but not least, the Karagwe Hotel at Kayanga is one of the diocesan institutions and offers accomodation and conference possibilities at Karagwe.