Imani EM Primary School

Imani English Medium Primary School is one of the schools owned by the ELCT Karagwe Diocese. The school was started in 1999,which began with a kindergaten class in one room at the Kaisho parish house.Up todate,the school has advanced from one class to a number of classes.
The aim of establishing the school is to provide quality education and help th pupils fit in their environment after completing their primary education and also preparing a good ground for their secondary education. This aim has been achieved for the past 8 years since the school was started . Imani is among the best 3 schoools in Kyerwa Distict out of 216 schools.

School staff
The school has a total of 27 staff members;14 being the teaching staff and 13 the non-teaching staff. All together they work as a team soa s to meet the goals of the school.The headtecher is Mr. Anderson .B. Kyekaka

Uptodate,the school has a total of 271 puplis. Out of the total,143 are boys and 128 are girls. All the students are boarding scholars.

Currently, the school has 8 classrooms,4 domitories,1 staff house, haed teacher's house,library, dinning hall and 2 water tanks.

Though the school has some achievemments, it encounters various challenges that are;
Water and Electricity. Despite the challenges,the school still strives on how to overcome these challenges.

Future plan
The future plan of the school is to have Imani Secondary schools for the provision of the quality education.

For further information contact through the headteacher with
Tel: +255 683 658 483

Text: Mr. Anderson Kyekaka