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One Week Survey by Dr. Christopher Johnston of Minnesota

Karagwe: Karagwe Diocese was glad to receive a visit by Dr. Christopher Johnston from Minnesota, USA. He works with Educate Tanzania. Educate Tanzania (ETI) is a non-profit organization that leverages resources and expertise to bring education, water   16.11.2015 [read on]

New Pastor Appointed to Head Mabira Church District

Mabira: Mabira Church District is now headed by a new pastor. This was after the changes that were made by transferring the former district pastor to another place. The 112th meeting Executive council appointed Rev. Jerryson Mambo to be the new dist   15.11.2015 [read on]

Doctor in Charge Gives a Progressive Report on Nyakahanga Hospital

Nyakahanga: On the 6th November 2015 the doctor in charge of Nyakahanga Hospital, Dr. Andrew Cesari gave a progressive report on the hospital. This report was given out through a press conference that was held at the hospital gathering different deve   12.11.2015 [read on]

Pastor from Congo Visits KAD

Ihembe: Rev. Ballola Kazimoto is a pastor from the Baptist Church of Congo. He arrived to KAD specifically to Ihembe Church District on the 3rd November, 2015. He will be staying till the 29th November 2015. He is here on the basis of UEM partnershi   09.11.2015 [read on]

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