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ATEGRIS and Nyakahanga: A Growing Partnership

Karagwe: ATEGRIS is a organization in Germany which owns two big Hospitals (Evangelical Hospital Mulheim, and Evangelical Hospital Oberhausen) it also owns a number of social care centre for children with special needs as well as old people. AT   25.08.2015 [read on]

Water Tanks Constructed in KAD Institutions: Asante Sana Church of Sweden

Karagwe: “Asante Sana” is a Swahili phrase that means thank you. It is a phrase that has been commonly used to appreciate something that has been done to someone. The institutions of Karagwe Diocese have been so honored to get support from Church of   13.08.2015 [read on]

Evaluation on Sunday school, Women’s work and Stewardship Programme Held in Kyerwa

Kyerwa: Evaluation of the Sunday school, women’s work and stewardship program was done on the 3rd of August, 2015 in Kyerwa. It is a 3 year program (2014-2016) that is funded by DANMISSION under the coordination of Mwl. Else Højvang (DANMISSION repr   07.08.2015 [read on]

“Men in Church”; Men from Three Church Districts Unite

Kyerwa: Men in Church was a slogan used to unite men from three church Districts of Karagwe Diocese namely; Kyerwa, Murongo and Mabira. All together, the three districts are formed by 16 parishes and 105 congregations. This important day gathered   07.08.2015 [read on]

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