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Board of Governors and Partnership Agreement Inaugurated

Kayanga: 17th of March, 2015 was a historical day to Nyakahanga hospital. It was the day that the Board of Governors of the hospital was inaugurated at Lutheran Karagwe Hotel in Kayanga. The Guest of Honor during this brief ceremony was the Karagwe   20.03.2015 [read on]

Karagwe District Councilís Chairperson Meets with Leaders of Karagwe Diocese and Kishojo Village Government

Kishojo: On the 16th of March, 2015, the chairperson of the Karagwe District Council, Mr. Wallace Mashanda, called upon the ELCT/Karagwe Diocesan (ELCT/KAD) leaders and Kishojo Village Government leaders to settle a dispute regarding a part of the la   19.03.2015 [read on]

New Congregation Dedicated

Masheshe/Nyakasimbi: 3rd Sunday before Easter will ever remain a history in Nyakasimbi area. A space for a new congregation was dedicated by Bishop. Dr. Bagonza of KAD. Accompanied by Dean Yoram Karusya and all parish pastors in Ihembe district, Bis   19.03.2015 [read on]

World Day of Prayer 2015

Kayanga: The world day of prayer 2015 was prepared by the committee of the Bahamas Island. Bahamas is a collection of 700 islands found within the Atlantic Ocean south northern America. Christians of different denominations are more than other relig   19.03.2015 [read on]

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