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Evaluation of Program for Sunday School,Women and Stewardship-Kyerwa, Mabira and Murongo

KYERWA: In 2013, the diocese saw a need of establishing a new program for Sunday School, Women, and Stewardship in 3 church districts of Kyerwa, Mabira and Murongo. Through seminars, trainings and meetings, the program has been focusing on the three   11.01.2017 [read on]

Towards a Just and Developed Society; ACP Annual Meeting Review

KAYANGA:Karagwe Diocese in collaboration with partners from Danmisssion has been providing services to the needy through the Aids Control Programme since 1983. The program has been changing the focus to suit the needs of the society. Regardless ones   10.01.2017 [read on]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

NYAKAYANJA: 26th December 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our viewers and partners all over the world. Earthquake, central market inferno, hunger and drought are the tragedies that brought difficulties to many in 2016 especially the p   01.01.2017 [read on]

Special Greetings

KARASECO: 14th December 2016. Several religious and government leaders took time to address and send their greetings to the assembly and Karagwe diocese in general, in honour of the synod and the beginning of celebrating 500th anniversary of reformat   22.12.2016 [read on]

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