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State of grief continues in Karagwe Diocese

Karagwe: Karagwe Diocese is still experiencing the state of grief following the death of its first Bishop. The body of the deceased Bishop Emeritus Paulo Mukuta,arrived in Karagwe midday Friday. It flew from the Kilimanjaro International Airport to t   23.08.2014 [read on]
The Late Bishop Paulo Mukuta (1936-2014)

Karagwe Diocese Mourns the Death of the Retired Bishop Paulo Mukuta

Karagwe: Karagwe Diocese mourns the death of the Retired Bishop Paulo Mukuta, the first Bishop of Karagwe Diocese that happened , the 19th of August, 2014 at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) hospital in Moshi. After he was transferred   20.08.2014 [read on]

Bishop Paulo Mukuta is very ill

Karagwe: The retired Bishop Paulo Mukuta, who is the first Bishop of Karagwe Diocese, is very ill. On the 14th of August, 2013, he was in Bukoba together with his spouse, Mrs. Agness Mukuta proceeding with their personal activities but unfortunately,   18.08.2014 [read on]

ELCT Karagwe Diocese Plays a Social Role

Karagwe: The ELCT Karagwe Diocese has been an ambassador towards playing a social role within secondary schools through the Adolescent Girls Empowerment (AGE) project. The AGE project aims at promoting access to knowledge of rights and appropriate b   12.08.2014 [read on]

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