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visiting the Head Office

Reunited again in Christ...!!

Nyamilembe:From 17-20th of June 2016, Nyamilembe parish received a visit of seven pastors from Rwanda. These are pastors who were born and grew up in Nyamilembe before moving back to their land of origin which is Rwanda 22 years ago. The main aim was   21.06.2016 [read on]

Kagera Regional Commissioner in the Hills of KARUCO

KARUCO: On 8th of June 2016 KARUCO received an honored visitation of Kagera Regional Commissioner Hon. Salim Mustafa. Together with him, were Karagwe District Commissioner Hon. Deodatus [img#1347]Kinawiro and other government officials.
  09.06.2016 [read on]
Inspecting the laboratory

The management Team in KARUCO

On 7th June, 2016 The KAD management committee for the first time held its meeting in the administration building of Karagwe University College (KARUCO). One among the agendas was to inspect the ongoing construction of buildings and their quality.[im   09.06.2016 [read on]
Gen. Secretary, Rev. A. Maganya

KAD Shows the Way in Maintaining clean environment

KAD:Karagwe Diocese considers the preservation of a healthy and sustainable environment a key priority. As a component of environmental protection and healthy, cleanliness constitutes the core of our efforts. KAD has introduced a major cleanliness in   02.06.2016 [read on]

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