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Thank You and Farewell the Klaus Team

KAYANGA.24, February 2017.For one month Karagwe diocese was blessed with a visit from the partner district of Luebbecke, Germany. Klaus Shaeffer and Klaus Huesemann, famous as the Klaus team visited the partner district of Bweranyange, and volunteere   24.02.2017 [read on]

Rev. Ferdinand Tibiita is in the Hands of the Lord

KAISHO:Karagwe Diocese mourns the death of Rev. Ferdinand Tibiita, that happened on 15th February 2016 in Mugana Hospital. Rev Ferdinand was reported ill since 2014, but his condition was being unpredictable as sometimes he gained back his strength.   22.02.2017 [read on]

Lukajange-Leverkusen Partnership Sunday

Nyakashenyi: 5, February 2017. Every year, one Sunday is set aside as a special partnership Sunday between all the church districts of KAD and the church districts in Germany. The aim of the partnership Sunday is to remember each other in prayers, se   09.02.2017 [read on]

The Excellence of Nyakahanga DDH in 2016

NYAKAHANGA: ELCT/KAD is one of the biggest stake holders in provision of health services in Tanzania. Nyakahanga is a Designated District Hospital, which is owned by the Diocese of Karagwe working in partnership with the government. On 18th January 2   20.01.2017 [read on]

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