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Diocesan Choral Competition and singing festival

Kituntu: 02.09.2018. Ministry of the church in a globalised world: Under this motto, the diocesan choral competition and festival took place in Kituntu parish this year. Coordinated under the youth department, it brought together fifteen choi   18.09.2018 [read on]

Menís Ministry: The Singing Festival in Ihembe

Ihembe: 26.08.2018. As a continuation of the initiative by the Program of Sunday School, Women and Stewardship to bring men back to church, the program works in five Church Districts of Mabira, Kyerwa, Murongo, Bweranyange and Ihembe. This festival b   12.09.2018 [read on]

Going Back To Catechism: A Day with Bishop Jones

Tumushubire: 13.08.2018. Monday Morning brought together all pastors and theological students of KAD at Tumushubire English Medium Primary School, where they had theological discussions with Bishop Ralph Jones of Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod of th   12.09.2018 [read on]

Men Singing Festival in Kyerwa

Kyerwa:12.08.2018. Hosted by Kyerwa District, this festival is unlike any other in KAD. Over two hundred male singers gathered at Tumaini Centre, the head quarters of Kyerwa Church District for celebrating men singing festival, a program done by thre   12.09.2018 [read on]

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