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"An Egg is Gradually Getting Legs".. Bishop Backlund

KARUCO: 19th, August 2016. Rich in philosophical sayings and proverbs is Bishop Backlund of the Church of Sweden, who after his faithful service he is now retired. Bishop Backlund has a long history about Kagera since 1970s. Today he is invited to s   22.08.2016 [read on]

Champions Preparing to Battle with Champions

Nyarutuntu: On 21st, August 2016 Kyerwa district completed the choir competition. Kaisho and Karukwanzi choirs will be representing Kyerwa district in the final diocesan choir competition. Only 20 days have remained [img#1453]before the big day!! Wi   22.08.2016 [read on]


Ngara: Sunday 7th August, 2016, was a very special day for Ngara Mission District. This was the day when we said goodbye to the long serve Evangelist Emmanuel Rwoto who retired after serving in different congregations. Ev. Rwoto is credited to be one   18.08.2016 [read on]

KAD Supporting the National Desk Campaign

KIHANGA; On 12th August 2016, The Bishop of Karagwe Diocese on behalf of the diocese, donated 50 desks to Kihanga ward. This is the response of supporting President John Magufuli’s campaign of contributing desks for public schools in the country. F   18.08.2016 [read on]

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