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KAD: 7TH October 2017. Karagwe Diocese is deeply saddened by the loss of a friend and co-worker Mrs. Editha P. Sylvester who passed away on 3rd October 2017 in Dar es Salaam at the age of 40. Until her death, Editha Sylvester was working at t   09.10.2017 [read on]

Diocesan Women’s Singing Festival

MABIRA:The diocesan women singing festival was held on 10th September 2017, in Mabira. The voices of 14 choirs from 8 church districts filled the air. After every two years, the diocese celebrates the continuing tradition of the power and beauty of w   15.09.2017 [read on]

Are You Invited? The Road Towards Opening of KARUCO

KAD.18th August 2017. Its official! Karagwe University College (KARUCO) is opening on 29th October 2017. The big ceremony will mark the end of celebrating 500 years of the church reformation as well. Invitation letters have been sent and others are s   18.08.2017 [read on]

Inauguration Ceremonies Towards 500 years of Reformation

KAD:06th August 2017. Towards celebrating 500 years of reformation on 29th October 2017, which will be accompanied by the opening of KARUCO, KAD is performing a series of activities that are part and parcel of reformation celebrations. These activit   18.08.2017 [read on]

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