Department of Youth

The Youth Department is part of the Department for Women, Children and Social Welfare. Its main purpose is to stay in contact with and care about Karagwe’s Youths. Therefore, the department visits the Youths all over the diocese in their parishes or at schools and arranges seminars. The department is led by Mis. Axsa Gabagambi.

Most of the parishes in Karagwe offer meetings and events for the Youths: During choir sessions or bible studies children and teenagers come together and share their time. The meetings are conducted by Youth leaders or pastors in the parishes or districts.


  • Visiting Youth at the parishes to encourage the diocesan Youth work and the Youth’s participation
    in the church
  • Conducting Youth Seminars concerning the Youth’s responsibility in church or leading bible studies
  • Preparing concerts and festivals for Youths
  • Mobilizing and introducing teenagers to arrange their own small projects, like chicken keeping
  • Representing the Youths and their needs in meetings and various conferences

Activities supporting HIV/AIDS Project

]The department conducts HIV/AIDS seminars especially to the Youth in the parishes, which are funded by UEM, concerning:
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Test and counselling
  • Behaviour’s change
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and the way of transmission

Besides the department conducts seminars, supported by the Church of Sweden, at Secondary Schools to empower girls and boys:
  • Breaking the silence about the themes
  • Making them aware of HIV/AIDS
  • Talking with them about the effects of early pregnancies and life skills


Further information about the Department for Youth through Axsa Gabagambi by Email

Up dated by Rev. E. Rubanga