Department of Women, Children & Social Welfare

The women Department is one of the segments that operates at all levels. The department is headed by the women coordinator [depute general secretary], at the diocesan level,Rev. Elieth Kiiza, who is in charge of day to day running of the department. There are women committees from the congregation level to the district level which work hand in hand with the head of the department in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all activities undertaken by the women department. Karagwe Diocese also emphasizes on the Rights Based approach in the implementation of all activities.


Capacity building
With capacity building, the department deals with different activities including the following,provision of training to different groups such as Sunday school teachers, women, girls and other related groups.It also provides counseling on Social issues and other development matters. They further discuss on entrepreneurship and it makes people aware of human Rights.

Women Empowerment
The department deals with empowering women in different spheres of life being social, economical, and sometimes culture, for instance empowers women in economic aspect by providing them with loans to run their day to day activities and their businesses. Also through linking them into financial organizations such as SACCOS, VIKOBA, etc

Girl Child empowerment
The department empowers this group, girl children in different spheres of life, through gathering them and making them aware of life. Also it is empowered through promotion of education whereby the department makes sure that every one in this group has accessto education as it is not much favored to access education in the society. The department puts much effort in empowering girlchildren by fighting against early pregnancies among this group;through setting the serious laws on the source of this issue.

The department also discusses much on human rights in relation to this group of children. Moreover the department ensures fighting against any kinds of discrimination to this group of children.

Sunday Schools
The department on this area deals with the following;
Preparing future good Christians,through providing Sunday school teachers with good environment to this activity such as providing them seminars and good wages cater the exercise.

Also the department in this case, deals with improvement of Christian faith, this is done through putting much pressure to parents to take their Children to attend Sunday school classes of which later improves their faith on Christ as they will be getting busy with teachings.

Women groups
This is another area where the department is dealing with the followings; Group of choirs, Special prayers groups, Hand crafts groups ,Diaconal activities, and on upbringing issue e.t.c.
With these groups the department puts more effort to make sure that these groups are formed and are improved to reach their goals.

This is another area of concern of the department. In this case the department trys to invest in different parts of the church from the diocesan level up to district and parish level accordingly. For instance the investment on hostels,{3} with this investment, the department come up with rent in return of which it is used to run up the office to some extents.[/h2]

Future plans

The department plans to maintain the explained activities and improve more so as to cater the development of women and children in all spheres of life being cultural, Social and Economical. Also the department plans to make these groups improve as much as possible in Christian faith. Moreover the department plans to make these groups come up with consciousness on the development of their life being both that of and the life of their society at large.

The women organization of the Diocese (WWUJ) will organize seminars and workshops to educate church participants on human rights, legal rights, project management, market aspect, Gender relation in agricultural income generation activities, and cultural liberation. Moreover the department will build awareness about existing rights and encourage to make women and men to make of them.

To train and encourage women to form and join credit and saving societies and forming loan association. We are expecting to form 30 loan groups.

for further information contact:

the department coordinator through; ] or tel: +255 756 808 180, +255 786 288 082