Mission,Evangelism& News Department

The activities of the "Mission,Evangelism,Stewardship and News Department" are directed to achieve the goal of the Diocese ie. building a community with a strong and a stable Christian faith through proclaiming and teaching the word of God. Rev. Elnathan Rubanga is the coordinator of the department.

The "Mission and Evangelism Department" deals with the following;


The department ensures that the mission reaches new areas. In doing so, new congregations and parishes are inaugurated.


The good news is spread through preaching,teaching and open-air evangelistic meetings.


Stewardship begins and ends with the understanding of God's ownership of all. Through the department,the people are taught about stewardship;given instruction to enable the people to offer a wide range of their property to God. This is done through seminars and preaching.
Psalm 24:1 "The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it,and those who live in in it".


The department provides and supervises provision of christian education to students and pupils from kindergarten to college level. The aim is to teach christian values to the students and help them to read and comprehend the word of God,so that they can be good and active Christians. Christian education enables them to be proud of their faith.


The department supports the TSCF activities in schools in order to help them lead a Christian life and testify to the Good News at schools and wherever they are.
TSCF promotes unity among the students through worship services, Bible studies and prayers. The students are encouraged to serve the church and the community.
The department therefore collaborates with parish pastors,evangelists,teachers in schools and other lay people who are experienced in teaching christian education.


The department is running the website for the Karagwe Diocese. It has now a new staff called Axsa Gabagambi and she works as the public relations officer of the Diocese. The website makes the Karagwe Diocese public in the whole world. This helps partners and other friends to know more about the Karagwe Diocese, its vision, mission and work.

In 2008, Rev. Jorg Staehler, Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau (EKHN) in Germany, decided to spend his sabbatical leave in Tanzania to assist the Karagwe Diocese in developing the website. He still serves as website advisor.

The department also keeps various records of the Diocese and provides information through newspapers,radio and television.
Information is also shared through social networks as a way of connecting people together.

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Contact for Further information through Rev. Elnathan Rubanga by Email
muu@kad.or.tz, erubanga@yahoo.com, mobile phone +255 784 651 841 or +255 763 490 424

Text: Axsa Gabagambi