Department of Finance

The department of Finances deals with all financial matters of the Karagwe Diocese.


  • It deals with collecting revenue from various sources of income such as local income from the congregations up to income from oversees. Payments are done by the department for enabling various services.
  • It has the responsibility of moderating and monitoring the budget management from the local level of the congregations up to the diocesan level including the institutions and programmes of the diocese. The criteria for monitoring are the constitutions of ELCT and KAD und the KAD Strategic Plan 2008-2013.
  • It conducts seminars on the district level to educate the congregations, parishes and districts on themes such as issues of good stewardship, transparency, ethics of finances up to practical standards of bookkeeping and accountancy.

The department has the following staff:
    Treasurer, department's head
    Clerk Accountant
    Store Keeper


The future of the diocese depends very much on the creativity and expertise of the department: On the side of ensuring valid sources of income and controlling the expenditure on the other hand.

To achieve this relevant creativity and expertise the department depends on well trained and sustainable staff on all levels, from the congregational to the diocesan staff members. Within the Capacity Building Project, the department plans to offer workshops and financial education courses to the staff at the congregations.
In total there are 218 congregations at Karagwe Diocese. As diocese's base all of them deal with the main source of income. The better this staff is trained and knows about the financial processes the better is the support for the upper levels like the parishes and the diocese's head quarters.

According to the Strategic Plan the department of finances has installed the internal and external auditing. Every district, parish, congregation, institution or project is audited, by internal auditors as well as by external auditors.

Contact Further information through the Treasurer George Ndibalema by Email:

Text: George Ndibalema