Video Links

If you have FLASH PLAYER and a sound system, you may see and hear video clips by YOUTUBE about the ELCT Karagwe Diocese in special and about Karagwe and Kagera region in general.

Note: In Tanzania it can happen that the speed of the internet is not enough to play it well.

Changing Climate in Kagera Region, February 2009
A YOUTUBE video was published by DANMISSION on the current environmental changes in Tanzania, from the perspective of Bukoba and the Kagera region.

Video on Karagwe roads, October 2008
A short video shows the difficulties of travelling in Karagwe. And imagine how one would go on such a road in rainy season. »Travelling to Karagwe is a commitment«, says Bishop Bagonza. Karibu sana!

Video on a Karagwe Choir, August 2008
A video Upenda wake Yesu. which gives an impression about the choirs in Karagwe.

Workshop on Human Rights, July 2008
A DANMISSION video was published on the Y.O.U. workcamp

Karagwe Community Radio station, October 2007
Here you can watch a video about the upstart and importance of Radio Karagwe, a community radio which was planned. The video gives a good information about the issue of media in Karagwe.