History of the Website

Th idea of the website was born in Cologne during the Kirchentag in 2007  (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
The first idea of creating a website for the ELCT Karagwe diocese came from Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza in 2007 during the Kirchentag in Cologne, Germany. At that time, Rev. Jorg Staehler had contacted Bishop Bagonza and Rev. Angelika Veddeler, the UEM Africa Sevretary, asking for a meeting in order to talk about the planned study leave in 2008. Rev. Staehler wanted to assist in the preparation, realization and documentation of the planned partnership consultation of the Karagwe Diocese, which was held in Kayanga in the beginning of August 2008. But Bishop Bagonza said in Cologne in 2007: “Thanks for your offer and idea. But I do have something more challenging in mind. Please, develop a website for us? Karagwe Diocese needs it.”

Rev. Staehler is a parish pastor of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau, Germany. He used the opportunity of a three month study leave and his church gave the financial support for the project. UEM in Wuppertal agreed to finance the air ticket and the Karagwe Diocese provided the housing and the transport. The Karagwe Diocese appointed Rev. Anicet Maganya to be the counterpart. Rev. Maganya is the parish pastor in Kayanga and also the head of the Department of Mission and Evangelism at the Head Office in Lukajange. He is married to Edina Kailembo, who is an IT-consultant at the Hospital in Nyakahanga.

In the beginning of June 2008, Bishop Bagonza and Rev. Jorg Staehler developed together a first concept of the website in Germany because of the Content Management System (CMS), which was created by a public relation company “Provinzglueck” in Germany. Many other people from EKHN, UEM etc. contributed with their advice to the development of the website. By the way, special thanks to Gerhard Ruediger, Australia, and to Tomas Berg, IT-expert of DANMISSION working in Bukoba for their support and advice. During his stay in Tanzania, Rev. Staehler also published a weblog in German. An impression of the public relation and website project gives the photo gallery too.

from left: Erasto Kamihanda, Dr. Josheph Kashashari, Rev. Savera Bishangwa,  Sr. Regina Ntimba, Bishop Dr. Benson Bagonza, Rev. Anicet Maganya,  Sam Kayongo, Dean Phares Kakulima, George Ndibalema, Sr. Editha Sylivester.  (Photo: Jorg Staehler)
The content of the website itself was developed in cooperation with the management team of the Karagwe Diocese, the district pastors and all the heads of the KAD institutions. Many people offered their ideas and photos for the website. Rev. Jorg Staehler also made training workshops in different aspects of public relation work such as writing and editing articles, making and working with photos, working with different software and working the CMS.

Since September 2008, Rev, Anicet Maganya took over as the web-administrator of the website. Rev. Staehler was asked by the KAD leadership to assist the continuing work as an editor of the website on a voluntary basis.

More photos from the Kirchentag 2007 in Cologne, Germany: