Documentation 2010

June 2010

In June 2010, the Karagwe Diocese and the North-West-Diocese of the ELCT celebrated 100 years of evangelism in the Kagera region.

The Karagwe Dioccese (KAD) choose as motto "Thus far has the Lord helped us" ( 1. Sam. 7:12). The KAD had prepared a programme involving the head office, the institutions, the districts and parishes of the diocese.

For example, a consultation was held in Kayanga on 18th June. You may download the presentations.

Rev. Jorg Staehler, Germany, presented the topic "ECUMENICAL PARTNERSHIP IN MISSION".
Partnership in Mission
Karagwe Diocese – Partnership in Mission

Rev. Dr. Christopher Meakin, Sweden, presented the topic "FROM MISSION TO AID".
From Mission to Aid
Karagwe Diocese – From Mission to Aid

Rev. Dr. Brighton Katabaro, Tanzania, presented the topic "TOWARD THE ESTABLISHMENT OF KARAGWE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE".
KARUCO - the KAD University Project
Karagwe Diocese – KARUCO - the KAD University Project