Introduction:Ngara District is found in Ngara area in Kagera Region. It has three congregation including Ngara Mjini, Njiapanda and Lemera.
Those parishes are served by the pastors, Rev. Oscar Samwel –NgaraMjini and the district pastor as well, Rev. Deus Samandari – Njiapanda parish and Rev. Joachim Makori- Lemera parish. The parishes’forms a number of 21 congregations where by NgaraMjini have 7 congregations, Njia panda 6 congregations and Lemera 6 congregations. Two congregations are not yet registered so they are being prepared to become full congregations in the future. Those are Ruhuba in Lemera and Chenyemera in Njiapanda.

The Mission work in Ngara area begun in 1990 when some Christians from other parts of the country working in Ngara started to look for the Luhteran service in Ngara because they used to worship in available churches like Anglican, Roman Catholic and others. In 1991, 50 Lutheran members served by the evangelist Emmanuel Rwotto requested for the spiritual service from Karagwe Diocese. The Karagwe Diocese sent an Evangelist called Marco Buchwechwe to come and help the mission work in Ngara before the first parish was inaugurated in Ngara as NgaraMjini Parish and Rev. Jackson Kanyiginya was the first Parish Pastor in 1992. Two years later another parish was inaugulated in Njiapanda to serve the Christians from Rwanda and Burudi who escaped the civil war in their countries.

Ngara District is under ELCT Karagwe Diocese so the vision, mission and objectives arethe same as those of the Diocese.

VISION:Karagwe Diocese works towards promoting a Christ centered society that is joyful, peaceful and holistically empowered.

MISSION: KAD is committed to build a strong community through preaching, advocacy and provision of socio-economic services with integrity and love towards sustainable interal development.

GOALS: KAD is set to achieve five goals which define its entire development strategy:

1. Build a community with a strong and stable Christian faith through proclaiming and teaching the word of God.

2. Building a healthy and educated community by engaging in diaconal activities and providing accessible and affordable social services.
3. Improving economic status of the community through income generating and environmtental conservation activities.
4. Enhancing the institutional development of the diocese
5. Enhancing gender equality in the community by empowering families
So Ngara mission as part of KAD is not far from the above mentioned vision,mission and goals set by KAD to develop the entire community in our working area and outside.

Since 1993, Ngara has a partnership with the Deanery of Gladenbach (A Protestant Church in Hassen Nassau)
Through this partnership many things has been done like supporting various projects and exchange of visits. This partnership is very important because it creates mutual understanding among the partners. Apart from that the partners from Gladenbach has played a big role in areas of education, diaconal, church buildings, supporting women and youth groups among others.
In this partnership, we acknowledge the Kayanga agreement of 2008 whereby both parts from Germany and Tanzania committed ourselves to remain members of one body of Christ and therefore

•Grow into a community, where we worship, learn and serve together

•Share gifts, insights and responsibilities
•Call all people to repentance and new life
•Bear witness to the kingdom of God in striving for justice, peace and integrity of creation
•Respond together to the missionary challenges of today

•To continue working with our partners in Gladenbach in order to improve the life of our people and the Ngara community at large
•To identify new areas of evangelism and plant churches there

•To continue with the project started before like finishing church buildings and the district office
•To make sure every evangelist in our district gets a bicycle to help him/her in the mission work by 2017. In this we plan to use our local income by fundraising. Identify new areas where we need support from our partners and discuss with them the way forward
•Make sure we sustain and maintain communication between us and our partners because apart from the truth that communication is the key, it is one of our agreements in the Kayanga statement.
•To make sure our reports and minutes are properly shared with our partners in Bladenbach
•To allow all church members share their ideas and contributions through our meetings from the congregation to district level
• Transparency, responsibility and accountability will be highly considered in all our plans and activities.

•Geographical factors: The distance from one point to the other is very far. It is the maximum of 45-120 kilometers.
•Poverty is still the problem of many families
•Lack of knowledge about marriage law
•Lack of skills on nutrition and self-reliance among the communities especially in rural areas
•Traditions that encourage wrong beliefs like women inheritance, witchcraft, killing of albinos.

In God’s mission every individual is important and we love each other as brothers and sisters. We need to maintain that so that we can grow together physically, mentally and spiritually.

TEXT:Oscar Shubira Samwel