Murongo District

(Photo: Wolfgang Schroeder)Church at Murongo
The Murongo District is along the borders of Uganda and Rwanda and within the Ibanda and Rumanyika Game reserve. The areas are mountainous and hilly and hard to travel. The people in Murongo are peasants. The infrastructure is extremely poor. During the rainy season the roads are difficult to pass. The distance from Lukajange to Murongo is more than 135 km on unpaved roads.
The Murongo District has 3 parishes namely; Murongo, Rwenkende and Nyakatera and 22 congregations.The church district is
headed by Rev. Pheneas Nkabalinda

Together with the Kyerwa District, the Murongo District has a partnership with the church district of Guetersloh, because years ago the districts of Murongo and Kyerwa formed one district.The partnership began in 1983 and still exists uptodate.With this partnership,the two interact in some of the following issues;provision of education,renovation of buildings,construction of water tanks, visiting each other to
strengthen the relationship and engaging in deaconal activities.


Building records

Two parish houses in Nyakatera and Rwenchende were renovated and built. Three churches in Rwenchende, Morongo and Nyakatera were built and completed.


The district manages to pay school fees for 36 students at secondary schools. It conducted sixteen seminars at different levels among the parishes within the whole District. Religious education is taught in all schools.


Advocacy work is taken very seriously. In the past year, 76 counselling cases were handled. Many people were helped on legal matters. Human rights especially for women and children, orphans and widows were advocated.


There is a programme of visiting church members. As an outcome, the number of believers increased more than 3 percent in comparison to the previous years. Another indicator for the increase is the expansion of church buildings which is happening in almost all congregations.

Nature preservation

People are taught to plant trees, not to burn grains during the dry season. They are made aware of the importance of land cultivation.


  • To continue with human rights advocacy,
  • To continue with building awareness in the area of development,
  • To put emphasis on health care in concentrating on Nyakatera Dispensary offering better services,
  • To continue advising parents to take their children to schools and better schools.

At Murongo, the New Life Project and the Re-Afforestation Project take place.


Further information through District Pastor Rev. Pheneas Joas Nkabalinda
Tel: +255 786 839 734 OR +255 755 883 062

Text: Rev. Pheneas Nkabalinda
up dated by Rev. E. Rubanga