Mabira District

Mabira District lies to the West of the Diocesan Headquarters. To the East is the Kituntu District and to the West is Murongo district and Kagera River and to the South is the Kyerwa District.Rev. Jerryson Mambo is the district pastor of Mabira.

The district was started in 1979 in the same year as the diocese. Mabira District consists of 18.000 Christians, six parishes and six pastors, 40 congregations with 39 evangelists. Rev. Jerryson Mambo is the district pastor of Mabira. Rev. Blasio Tinkasimilie leads Nyamilembe Parish, Rev. Sevelian simon Businde Parish, Rev. Geofrey Amos leads Kishanda Parish. Rev.Blasio Kibilizi Nyakatuntu Parish and erastor Bukambu Ileega Parish

Health services in Mabira

On top of that, the Mabira District runs a dispensary at the district headquarters at Ibamba. Mrs. Emiliana Bwenge leads the dispensary. Due to the support of Swedish and Germany donors, the dispensary buildings have now
expanded w and now proposed to be a health center, the discussion will take place in July 2014, when our partners from Germany will visit us. The construction of the new and modern buildings for phase one has already been completed.

Life inMabira

Mabira District has many mountains (up to 1000 meters). The rainy season lasts from August to May each year and there is an average of 1.000 mm per annum. The temperature is high in the dry season and low in the rainy season, the average is about 25 degrees. Due to the long rainy season, the soil is fertile. The inhabitants are peasants depending on agriculture for their livelihood. The food crops include banana, potatoes, cassava, corn and millet. In most cases production is for domestic consumption. Unfortunately, last year we had less rain, which led to food shortage, thanks to our partners who helped us. Coffee is the major cash crop. Due to a poor trading policy, the coffee price has been fluctuating for many years. This has influenced the peasantsí income and development unfavorably. This also affects the district, because it lives on the offerings of its members.


In 1982, the partnership with the German church district Nassau was established by Rev. Rudolf Stahl, Germany and at that time, district pastor was Rev. Nelson Kazoba. Later Rev. Kazoba became bishop. He is now retired. In 1990, the Deanery of Selters under the leadership of Rev. Manfred Spehr joined the partnership with the Mabira district. A delegation from Nassau will visit at Karagwe Diocese in July 2014 (the German church district Nassau)


The districtís vision was committed to build a strong community at Mabira through preaching, teaching and advocacy. Therefore we provided services, which promote a sustainable development of this community:
    Seminars on stewardship and marriage for younger people, were conducted, Open air meetings were done.

    To construct buildings in Mabira, such as one sisterís house, three pastorís houses for the Nyamilembe, Businde and temporal at Ileega parish, five water tanks for Kishanda, Nyakatuntu, Ibamba dispensary, Nyamilembeand Ileega were built. Also the completion of 6 churches.

    To install a system of ATV set, desktop computers and a printer in the districtís administration office.

    The installation of solar panel to the pastorís houses at Businde, Mabira, Kishanda, Nyamilembe and Nyakatuntu were done

    Apart from these we have put the strategic plan for five years and we are discussing and will be divided into years next you will see the copy for this Year 2014

Further information through District Pastor Rev. Jerryson Mambo by telephone +255 787996609/+255766887484.

updated by: Axsa Gabagambi